Had my intent been to seek the world's favor I should have adorned myself with borrowed beauties.

Michael de Montaigne, from intro to Essays








I've found that my best work and thinking -- and the work I admire most -- comes from exploring the conceptual fringes to obvious answers. 

For example: Keep selling a pizza's ingredients and cheaper price than a competitor's, or dig deeper into why Americans love pizza in the first place

The latter requires conceptual grit and edge, the former only toting the line and dropping coupons into social channels. 

To venture into this murky place requires a sort of inquisitive disobedience; that is, ignore for a few moments the pressing urgency of the moment--to the chagrin and torture of the get-it-done-now drivers--to get distracted and potentially find something you never thought existed (i.e. a revolutionary idea).  

That's where an insight comes from. That's what births rad, sticky concepts that move mountains for clients and resonates with audiences. 


To entertain, humor, and heal.  

Whether it's a conversation that injects levity into a gloomy day, or a silly sketch I write and post online, to teaching yoga, my purpose in life is to help others loosen up and realize that despite all the pressure on us to succeed and achieve, to be beautiful and smart, there's always room to step back, see it all for what it is, and laugh. 

what i offer 

I offer a varied lot of skills, from building and repairing brands with creative strategy, to writing copy for digital/direct marketing as well as screen- and playwriting, to photography of people and for brands.

Simply put: I'm an idea-hungry creator. 


Please check out the Work page of this website for more detail on my career and LinkedIn recommendations/accolades from coworkers. 

email: spiritanimalmakes at gmail.com


Jason isn’t just a former co-worker/teammate.

He’s my brother.

Not by blood, but by spirit and work ethic.

Jason wants to be a part of something big.

He strives for it. I love that. I love that more than anything in a strategist.

I had the distinct honor of working with Jason for two years, and I would do anything to work with him again. He’s not just a planner, he’s a planner who’s useful to great, ambitious creative teams. In other words, he’s a rare bird.

If you’re reading this, you’re doing something very right. You sensed everything I just wrote about.

Now hire him to kick ass at your agency, that’s what he was made to do.
— Dave Burg, Strategy Director
Jason was hands down one of my favorite people to work with at Crispin. He helped me learn to look at the big picture rather then getting caught up in the details but more importantly, I was always laughing when we were collaborating. His personality is magnetic and his past life experiences have culminated to make him a creative powerhouse. Saying that I will miss working with him is the understatement of the century. He brought such a bright light to Crispin and wherever he goes next is lucky to have him. I am grateful to have found a lifetime mentor in him and will continue to seek his advice on issues big and small.
— Emma Price, Strategist
Jason is extremely smart and thoughtful. He dives into projects submitting himself fully, and comes out on the other side with fresh, unique understanding. Collaborating with him is an enjoyable and rewarding experience. From casual convo to brainstorming convo, I truly value Jason’s unique brain and wit. And, don’t get me started on his presentations - the man has an eye for beauty, aesthetic, and story!”
— Maureen Callahan, Insight Research and Brand Strategy