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Domino’s business was full-tilt-off-the-charts awesome.

But their social media flagged like a marathoner who’d only ever eaten Domino’s.

So they asked my team to help their team strategize a path out of the slump.

Over the course of six months, I led a small team toward developing Domino’s first integrated social media strategy.

Specifically, here’s what I did:

- Conducted online audience audits of all their platforms, then categorized their followers into “tribes”

- Developed messaging tactics based off the unique needs of each tribes, i.e. how do we reach gamers in a non-obtrusive way? Join Twitch and make the gaming experience even better. Stuff like that.

- All this involved comprehensive, tight and sharp creative writing skills and a keen editors eye for the final product, which I co-presented to the CMO and her team.

To this day this might be the best example of my thinking, writing, and editing skills.